How do I install AirServer?

Last Updated: Aug 24, 2016 06:23PM UTC

  1. Download AirServer and run the installer.
  2. In the AirServer Activation window, enter your activation code or registered email address.
    • If you purchased AirServer, your activation code would be sent in an email immediately after the purchase.
    • If you paid with a PayPal account, the registered email address would be your PayPal primary email address.
    • If you experience any errors with your activation, view the Activation section of our support page.
  3. Click Activate. AirServer is now ready to use.
    • No window will open on your computer until you begin streaming or mirroring content to AirServer.

You can also click the following links to watch videos demonstrating the installation process:
AirServer installation video for Mac
AirServer installation video for Windows