Windows: I received an installation error. How do I proceed?

Last Updated: Jan 30, 2019 02:08PM UTC

If you run into any issues with AirServer installer, please follow these steps:

  • Download the latest version of AirServer from:
  • Save AirServer installer to the Downloads directory
  • Open the Run dialog by pressing Windows key and R on your keyboard
  • In the Run dialog type:
  • Press Return or Enter on the keyboard
  • A command prompt window with the title “C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe” should appear
  • Click on the command prompt window and type:
    cd Downloads
  • Press Return or Enter on the keyboard
  • Type (update the msi filename to the one you downloaded):
    msiexec /i AirServer-5.5.4-x64.msi​ /L*V install.log
  • Press Return or Enter on the keyboard
  • This will launch AirServer installer again. Proceed with the installation as far as you can.
  • Compose an email and attach the file “install.log” from the Downloads folder and send it to us at: