Release Notes

Last Updated: Dec 12, 2018 11:46AM UTC

The release notes for AirServer Connect 4K UHD hardware solution:

Version 2.4.2

Settings notice:
•    Due to a bug in version 2.4.1 that some devices got, settings may be reverted to default settings. Please review the settings for the device after updating.

New features:
•    Channel selection for guest Wi-Fi. AirServer Connect has automatic Wi-Fi channel selection based on measurements during startup. In some instances network administrators want to control the channels used for Wi-Fi and in version 2.4 three non-overlapping Wi-Fi channels can be selected from the web remote management interface.
•    Remote Reboot from web remote management interface.
•    Selectable DHCP scope for guest Wi-Fi from web remote management.
•    Sleep timer setting. AirServer Connect can be set to stop video output after a period of inactivity. It will continue to be available and resume video output when a user starts mirroring or on touch from keyboard, mouse or touchpanel. Activating sleep timer and setting time to zero will give a sleep timer of 30 seconds.
•    The connection status overlay (visible on touch or by pressing Space bar when devices are mirroring) now shows the mirroring protocol for each connected device.

Fixes and stability issues:
•    Reverted to pre 2.2 Miracast settings for pin code. Versions 2.2 and 2.3 made pin code use more strict so that all users were asked for pin code. This causes some stability and discoverability issues with Windows 10. Version 2.4 requires pin code only for initial connection for ad-hoc users.
•    Fix for Miracast when proxy is enabled.
•    Enhanced pairing for Miracast in noisy networks.
•    Fix for resolution not always being reported accurately when connecting.