Start by downloading and running the installer for AirServer: AirServer Universal

Below is step by step instructions for each picture, please read the text located below the pictures on how to proceed.

Click the "Next" button as shown in the image to proceed.

You can select either AirPlay, GoogleCast or Miracast from the menu and choose to disable those features, otherwise, click on the "Next" button to proceed.

Read over our End-User License Agreement and then if you accept the terms, mark the "I accept the terms in the License Agreement" and click on the Next button to proceed.

If you wish to trial AirServer, select the first option "I want to try AirServer Universal".
If you wish to Activate AirServer at a later date, select "Do not activate AirServer Universal now".
If you already have a license key, select "I have bought AirServer Universal and have an activation code." enter in your Activation code into the "ENTER YOUR ACTIVATION CODE HERE" marked in red.
Once you have selected your option, click on the "Next" button to proceed.

By default, the installation path will be "C:\Program Files\App Dynamic\AirServer\".  If you wish to change the path, you can select "Change..." and choose your own installation path.
Click on the "Next" button to proceed.

These options are for automatically starting up AirServer when you log in to Windows.
Select the option that you would like to use and click on the "Next" button to proceed.

Click on the "Install" button to start the installation of AirServer.

Once the installation has completed, click the "Finish" button to complete the installation and to launch AirServer.

Once the installation is done and AirServer has started up, AirServer can be located in the notification area.