Choppy connections are due to sub-optimal network conditions. Here are some things you can try to improve mirroring performance:

  1. Your router might be running an old firmware. Visit the router manufacturer’s website and download / install the latest firmware. In most cases, this resolves jitter and lag related issues.
  2. Use iStumbler (Mac) or NetStumbler (PC) to see which WiFi channels are in use around you, then configure your router to use a channel which is free.
  3. If your computer uses WiFi, make sure that it is receiving good WiFi signal. Alternatively try connecting your computer to the network using an ethernet cable.
  4. Make sure that your iOS device shows at-least 2 out of 3 bars of WiFi signal strength.
  5. If you are using non-Apple bluetooth devices with your computer, they could be interfering with the Wireless connection and causing lags. Try turning off all bluetooth devices that aren't from Apple.
  6. Try changing the mirroring optimization (under the mirroring tab) to 720p and mirror again. If AirServer is projecting on a display which is 1080p (or larger), and mirroring optimization is set for "Any Device - Recommended," then AirServer will automatically negotiate 1080p mirroring resolution which looks very sharp but may cause slowness on sub-optimal networks.
  7. For even better performance, but lower quality, select the "slow network" option under the mirroring tab. Then mirror again. This will lower the mirroring quality but lower the network usage by up to 4 times.