There can be many causes for lag and dropping connection on Xbox One. Below are several things you can check to improve this:

  1. Your router might be running an old firmware. Visit the router manufacturer’s website and download / install the latest firmware. In most cases, this resolves jitter and lag related issues.
  2. Make sure to restart your Xbox, router and the device you want to mirror at least once.
  3. Use iStumbler (Mac) or NetStumbler (PC) to see which WiFi channels are in use around you, then configure your router to use a channel which is free. You should preferably also configure your router to only use WiFi-n or WiFi-ac (if supported).
  4. Make sure you are using the latest version of AirServer for Xbox One by checking for updates.
  5. Hardwire your Xbox One into your network for the best performance.
  6. If you have no way of hardwiring your Xbox One into the network, make sure you are in sufficient range for the wireless network.
  7. Make sure to power-cycle your Xbox One to avoid any memory issues.