There can be a number of causes for laggy or choppy connections. Here are a few things you can try to improve this:

  • Your router might be running old firmware. Visit the router manufacturer’s website and download / install the latest firmware. In most cases, this resolves jitter and lag related issues.
  • It is also possible that your connection cannot handle the bandwidth. Try connecting your computer to the network with an ethernet cable and check if the performance is better. If you're on a corporate network, there could be some kind of bottlenecking going on by limiting bandwidth per device.
  • Make sure to restart your router, Mac, and device you want to mirror at least once.
  • Try changing the preferred mirroring resolution (under the mirroring tab) to 720p and mirror again. 
  • For even better performance, but lower quality, select the "slow network" option under the mirroring tab. Then mirror again.
  • Use iStumbler (Mac) to see which Wi-Fi channels are in use around you, then configure your router to use a channel that is free. You should preferably also configure your router to only use Wi-Fi-n or Wi-Fi-ac (if supported).
  • Make sure the device you want to mirror to AirServer is within sufficient range of your Wi-Fi.