There can be a number of causes for laggy or choppy connections when using Windows 10 Desktop Editoon. Here are a few things you can try to improve this:

  • Your router might be running old firmware. Visit the router manufacturer’s website and download / install the latest firmware. In most cases, this resolves jitter and lag related issues.
  • It is also possible that your connection cannot handle the bandwidth. Try connecting your computer to the network with an ethernet cable and check if the performance is better.
  • Use iStumbler (Mac) or NetStumbler (PC) to see which WiFi channels are in use around you, then configure your router to use a channel which is free. You should preferably also configure your router to only use WiFi-n or WiFi-ac (if supported).
  • Make sure the device you want to mirror to AirServer is within sufficient range of your WiFi.

Please note that there are no performance related settings in AirServer Windows 10 Desktop Edition as the software automatically decides the best settings to guarantee performance.