It's possible to use AirServer as a second screen for your Mac or Windows laptop by following the steps below.

Please note that it is not possible to use an iPad or Android tablet as a second screen with AirServer. You can only use a Windows or Mac computer as a second screen with AirServer.

Extending your desktop with macOS:

  • Press the AirPlay icon in the top menu bar and choose your AirServer receiver. 
  • After the connection is made, select "Use As Separate Display".

Extending your desktop with Windows 10:

  • Press Windows Key + K to bring up the Connect sidebar menu.
  • Press the AirServer receiver you wish to use as an extended screen.
  • After the connection has been made, you can change the Projection Mode from the same sidebar menu.
  • Select "Change Projection Mode" in the menu and then choose "Extend".