Yes, this is possible when you are mirroring from your iPad/iPhone to AirServer for Mac. This allows you to tether your device to your Mac. In order to achieve this, you need a USB-C or Lightning cable (depending on which device you are mirroring). 


  1. Make sure AirServer for Mac is running.
  2. Connect your iPad/iPhone with a Lightning or USB-C cable to your Mac.
  3. Switch off Wi-Fi on the iPad/iPhone.

Now you should already be able to mirror directly via the Lightning or USB-C cable. If you require internet connectivity on your device as well, you can enable this via your Mac by following these steps:

  1. Open System Preferences on your Mac.
  2. Choose Sharing and select Internet Sharing in the left menu.
  3. Choose the device you wish to share internet to from your Mac (eg. iPad USB or iPhone USB).
  4. Make sure to tick the box in front of Internet Sharing after you enabled sharing with your device.