If you receive an error message while trying to activate, that says “Invalid Activation Code,” “Activation not found”, “Activation Failed,” or “Too Many Computers Have Been Activated", it is likely that your account has reached the maximum allowed installations.

It is possible to reset your license by using the activation management interface. You can either get this link by using our license recovery tool or you can find it in your license confirmation email (at the bottom of the email). Once you have deactivated any old computers that were using your license(s)  through that management interface, you can activate AirServer again.

If you are unable to find your license key, you can use our license recovery tool to retrieve your management link.

I have tried the above & I still can not activate AirServer. What can I do?

It could also be possible that you are entering an incomplete or incorrect activation code. This would lead to an “Activation not found” error message. Make sure you copy and paste the complete, correct code from your confirmation email. We recommend copying and pasting the code to avoid any typing errors. Many people often confuse the letter O with the number 0. It is also easy to confuse the letter I with the number 1 or the lower case letter L.

If you continue receiving an “Invalid” activation error message, you may have purchased a license for the wrong computer platform. Create a new support ticket with your activation code & registered email address and describe the error message you receive.

If the error message you receive says “Oops...”, it's likely your computer is not able to reach the activation server. This can be because of a firewall or proxy server issue.