Google Cast uses Bonjour to advertise itself on your network so sending devices automatically find AirServer. If your network has Bonjour/mDNS and multicast enabled, it is possible to verify if the Bonjour advertisement is happening correctly using a 3rd party application. This can be done as follows:

  • Download the Service Browser (Android).
  • After opening Service Browser, you can see a list of all Bonjour protocols that are visible on your network.

  • ¬†Press _googlecast._tcp. to get a list of all devices advertising this record.

  • Below you can find a list of all Bonjour records that are advertised for each protocol. These should be visible if AirServer is to be discoverable for all protocols:
    • _airplay._tcp. (AirPlay)
    • _airserver._tcp. (AirServer)
    • _display._tcp. (Miracast)
    • _googlecast._tcp. (Google Cast)
    • _raop._tcp. (AirPlay)

If you are not seeing any Bonjour records relating to Google Cast, we recommend going through our troubleshooting articles: