We have a few different license types for AirServer Universal, AirServer Windows 10 Desktop Edition & AirServer for Mac.

  • Education License

The education license is designed for use by teachers, students, and schools. You must provide a valid educational email address in order to purchase an education license. Those without a valid educational email address are not allowed to purchase this type of license. Each education license is valid for one computer activation.

  • Consumer License

The consumer license is designed for private use by an individual on their own computer. If you are not purchasing for business, public space, or a school, this is the correct option. Each consumer license is valid for one computer activation.

  • Business License

The business license is required to be used for use within businesses. This is the correct licensing option for companies, organizations, and public spaces. For example, hospitals, churches, and non-profits would need business licensing. Each business license is valid for one computer activation.

  • Enterprise License

The enterprise license is required for all other commercial usage such as hospitality, showroom, broadcasting, signage, etc.

A few remarks:

  • We do offer lower prices for ordering in large quantities. Bulk pricing begins at a quantity of 10 licenses. You can download a price quote through the download page of our website. Visit https://www.airserver.com/download, then click the Buy Now button under the license type that you are interested in purchasing. On the next page, adjust the quantities to reflect the number, and type, of licenses that you wish to have on your quote. Once you update the quantities, click the “Save This Quote” button.
  • All our licenses are platform-specific. A Mac license cannot activate a PC, and vice versa. Mac and PC licenses are sold separately, so take care in ordering the correct number of each type.
  • All our licenses, except for AirServer for Surface Hub, are sold for a one-time fee and are not subscription-based.

AirServer for Xbox One has a single license type and is only sold through the Xbox Store. There are no education or business license types for it.

AirServer for Surface Hub is sold on a subscription basis and has only one license model. There are no education or business license types for it.