Lost your license or have too many devices activated? Use the license recovery tool to reset or recover your license.

Licensing & Activation

Which license should I choose & what license types are there?
Updated on Fri, 25 Sep, 2020 at 11:38 AM
We have several different license types for AirServer Universal, AirServer Windows 10 Desktop Edition & AirServer for Mac. These licenses are sold for a...
I can't activate AirServer because of “Invalid...”, “Activation Failed” or “Too Many Computers..." error message
Updated on Wed, 4 Sep, 2019 at 10:42 AM
If you receive an error message while trying to activate, that says “Invalid Activation Code,” “Activation not found”, “Activation Failed,” or “Too Many ...
How many licenses do I need to mirror my devices to AirServer?
Updated on Wed, 20 Nov, 2019 at 3:25 PM
Licenses are only needed for those devices that will be the destination you wish to mirror to. There is no license required for the sending device(s).  ...
I lost my activation code. How can I recover it?
Updated on Wed, 4 Sep, 2019 at 10:34 AM
We highly recommend that you keep a copy of your confirmation email and license details.  However, if you have lost your activation code, you can use ou...
How can I manage my licenses?
Updated on Thu, 25 Jul, 2019 at 10:00 AM
After purchasing AirServer, you will receive a license confirmation email, with your license key. In that email, you should have received a link to manage y...
Does my AirServer license expire or do I need to pay for a subscription?
Updated on Fri, 21 Jun, 2019 at 11:02 AM
Your AirServer license does not expire nor will you have to pay for a subscription when purchasing AirServer. This applies for all versions of AirServer ...
I purchased the wrong license. Can I exchange it?
Updated on Thu, 5 Sep, 2019 at 11:22 AM
AirServer licenses are platform-specific. A Mac license can only activate AirServer on Mac computers. A PC license can only activate AirServer on Windows co...
Can I switch part of my order to the opposite platform?
Updated on Fri, 7 Jun, 2019 at 11:00 AM
Unfortunately, there is no way to switch part of an order to the opposite platform while leaving the other part on the original platform. Please take care...
How can I change the registered email address for my license?
Updated on Fri, 6 Sep, 2019 at 11:47 AM
It is possible to change the registered email address for your license.  In order to do so, you can create a support ticket. Make sure to include your l...
I bought AirServer Universal, can I use my license for AirServer Windows 10 Desktop Edition instead?
Updated on Mon, 9 Sep, 2019 at 1:10 PM
Yes. Your AirServer Universal license is also valid for AirServer Windows 10 Desktop Edition.
I'm using a proxy server & I'm unable to activate AirServer or check for updates
Updated on Tue, 3 Sep, 2019 at 3:51 PM
In some cases it's impossible to activate or update AirServer because of firewall or network port restrictions. In order for this to work you have to m...
Do you offer free promo licenses to Microsoft/Apple employees, ADE's or reviewers?
Updated on Tue, 12 Jan, 2021 at 11:44 AM
Yes, we offer a free fully functional promotional license to all Microsoft and Apple employees, as well as to Apple Distinguished Educators.  Please cre...