Yes, we do accept purchase orders if you wish to order more than 10 licenses. If you need to order fewer than 10 licenses, please purchase the licenses directly through our download page using a credit card or a PayPal account.

If you want to order with a purchase order document, you must create a purchase order form, scan it & add it as an attachment to a new support ticket. We cannot accept text in an email or support ticket as a valid order, nor can we accept a quote downloaded from our own website as a purchase order document. It must be an actual purchase order form.

Please make sure the purchase order document includes the following details otherwise we will not be able to process it:

  • Type of license and quantity that you wish to purchase
  • Computer platform (PC or Mac). AirServer licenses are platform-specific.
  • End-user name and email address to use for the license registration. We highly recommend using a generic email address, which is not tied to one person to avoid issues in case the registered person leaves your school or company (eg. info@..., support@....).
  • If adding licenses to an existing account, include the existing activation code and/or registered email address.
  • Your purchase order number or reference number
  • Your billing information (make sure to include a VAT number if required)
  • Your choice of payment method. We accept credit card, PayPal or wire transfer. We no longer accept cheques as a payment method.

In case you do not have a price yet, you can download a price quote through the download page of our website. Visit our download page, then select the license type which you are interested in purchasing. On the next page, adjust the quantities to reflect the number of licenses you wish to have on your quote. Once you update the quantities, click the “Save This Quote” button.

A few notes:

  • Each license offers one activation for one computer. Multiple users on the same machine can use the same activation if AirServer is activated using elevated privileges. 
  • You would receive one activation code that will work on all licenses purchased from a user account. Future purchases can also be added to that same code as long as they are ordered from the same registere email address.
  • You will receive a link to an activation management page for your account, where you can deactivate any computer you’ve previously activated in case of, for example, a system crash or if you plan on replacing / reformatting it.