Yes, we do accept Purchase Orders if you wish to order more than 8 licenses. If you need to order fewer than 8 licenses, please purchase the licenses directly through our download page using a credit card or a PayPal account.

You are allowed to pay with a check if you order at least 8 licenses. You also have the option to pay by bank transfer if you order at least 10 licenses.  

You are able to download a price quote through our website. 
The website should automatically detect the country from which you are accessing the site, and show the prices in your own currency. Follow these steps to download a price quote:

  • Visit
  • Click the Buy Now button under the license type that you are interested in purchasing
  • On the next page, adjust the quantities to the number of licenses you wish to have on your quote and update the cart.
  • Once you update the quantities, click the “SAVE THIS QUOTE” button.

To send a purchase order, scan your order form, or save it as a pdf file, and send it by email to  You must create an actual purchase order from your end. Text in an email, or quotes downloaded from our website are not sufficient as purchase orders. 

We do not accept orders that are faxed or sent by regular mail. Your purchase order form must be attached, as described above, and emailed to us.

Please make sure your order includes the following required details, otherwise we will not be able to process it:

  • Type of license and quantity that you wish to purchase.
  • Computer platform (PC or Mac). AirServer licenses are platform-specific.
  • End-user name and email address to use for the license registration.
  • If adding licenses to an existing account, include the existing activation code.
  • Your purchase order number
  • Your billing information
  • If you are ordering from Europe, please include your VAT number. VAT (Value added tax) will be added to your purchase total. UK schools are exempt from VAT.
  • Your choice of payment method. (Check, Bank Transfer, Credit Card, or PayPal)

Purchase orders are usually processed on the same day they are received. You would receive an email with your license information and the invoice. Payment is due within 30 days. The available payment options are:

Using a check
If you order at least 8 licenses, you can send the payment by check. Please be sure that the check matches the currency on your invoice. For instance, if your order is from Canada, and the invoice is in Canadian dollars, send a check made out in Canadian dollars. If your order is from Australia, and the invoice is in Australian dollars, send a check made out in Australian dollars.

The check should be made out to App Dynamic ehf. Be sure to include your purchase order number as a memo on that check. Our address is:
App Dynamic ehf.
Smaratorg 3
201 Kopavogur


Using a credit card or PayPal
If you intend to pay with a credit card or PayPal account, please complete the purchase yourself through our download page, Click the “Buy Now” button for the type of license you wish to purchase, then update the quantities on the next page. Be sure to select the correct amount of each license type, as all AirServer licenses are platform-specific. Mac licenses cannot activate Windows computers and vice versa. The license details would be sent to whichever email address you’ve entered in the billing details.


Send a Bank Transfer
If your order at least 10 licenses, we can accept payment through a bank transfer. Please contact us directly for the bank transfer details. Please let us know which country you are in and which currency you would be using when you contact us for the bank transfer details.

Each license offers one activation for one computer. Multiple users on the same machine can use the same activation if AirServer is activated using elevated privileges.

You would receive one activation code that will work on all licenses purchased from a user account. Future purchases can also be added to that same code as long as they are ordered from the same account.

You will also receive a link to an activation management page for your account, where you can deactivate any computer you’ve previously activated if it has crashed or if you plan on replacing / reformatting it.

A deployment guide for the Windows version of AirServer is available upon request. Send us an email if you wish to request this document.