Yes, we do offer discounted prices if you purchase Education or Business licenses in bulk.

If can download a quote, with the bulk pricing, through the download page of our website. Visit, then click the Buy Now button under the license type that you are interested in purchasing. On the next page, adjust the quantities to reflect the number of licenses you wish to have on your quote. Once you update the quantities, click the “SAVE THIS QUOTE” button.

When ready to purchase, the purchase page will automatically apply the discounted price as you adjust and update the quantity. You could then enter your credit card details in the billing field below. The license details will be sent to the email address you enter here. You also have the option to pay with PayPal, if you so choose. Click the PayPal button and sign into your account if you choose to use this payment method. 

If you intend to purchase more than 8 licenses, and you wish to send payment with a check or bank transfer, you are allowed to send us a purchase order. Information on sending a purchase order can be found here: