It is possible to configure the hotspot of AirServer Connect to prevent LAN access while still allowing connected devices to access the internet (Internet Only). This can be set up from the Guest Hotspot menu in either the on-screen settings or the remote management interface.

The Guest Hotspot menu allows you to configure the built-in Wi-Fi hotspot. In these settings, you can select which type of access guests get to through the guest network:
  • No Access (Isolated Network) – Only allows guests to cast their screens to AirServer Connect, no internet access.
  • Internet Only (Guest Network) – Gives guest only access to cast to AirServer Connect and public internet.
  • Internet + LAN – Gives the guest full access to the wired network. Note that access can be limited by your network administrators.

The "Internet Only (Guest Network)" setting is essentially a special configuration that allows AirServer to function as a firewall that blocks all communication for these IP ranges: –, –, – These are the ranges that contain all private network configurations.