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The AirServer Cloud Management solution allows the grouping, monitoring and management of multiple AirServer Connect devices from one interface. Multiple users can be assigned for each organization and these users can have different roles and access.

Cloud Management is a free additional service.

Currently only AirServer Connect 2 devices have firmware that supports Cloud Management. Users of the original AirServer Connect 4K UHD can create a support ticket and include the serial numbers for the devices they want update to the new user interface and Cloud Management.

Sign-up and Login

Before adding devices, it is necessary to create a Cloud Organization and at least one user that is also an administrator. In most cases, the organization will be the name of the company or school, but for organizations with multiple locations or different business units, several Cloud Organizations can be created.

Go to to set up the Cloud Organization and the login information for the first user.

Overview Screen

The overview screen shows the status of all attached devices and from there you can change the settings for an individual device or multiple devices.

On first login, Cloud Management will have a Default Group for devices, but it is recommended to create other device groups using the CREATE GROUP button. Groups can be based on location, usage or any other classification that makes sense to your organization.

User Management

Only one user can sign up a Cloud Organization for Cloud Management. All other users are then added and managed through the Users tab within Cloud Management. To manage users go to the "Users" page in the top navigation bar.


Each user is assigned a role and the role defines the access that user gets. Roles have the following options:

  • Can manage users: Yes or No.
  • Can manage all device groups: Yes or No.
    • If No then it is possible to select which device groups that role has access to.


To add a new user, select ADD USER.

Type in the name, email and the role for the new user.

The user then receives an email from with instructions on how to log in and set a password.

Attach a Device to Cloud

To attach a new device to the Cloud Management, select ATTACH DEVICE 

Type in the Cloud token, which can be found in the Device Management webpage of the device under the About section (see image below), and click ATTACH.


Device Settings

The device settings in Cloud Management are the same as are available in the local Device Management with a few exceptions:

  1. It is not possible to set a local image background from Cloud Management.
  2. It is not possible to connect to a Wi-Fi network from Cloud Management.
  3. It is possible to detach the device from Cloud Management. This can also be done from Device Management, but only by resetting all settings.

Changes can also be made to the settings of devices that are offline. Once that device is online again, it will synchronize the settings so that any changes made from Cloud Management will be sent to the device.

Following are screenshots for the device settings:

Editing Multiple Devices

It is possible to select multiple devices and groups from the overview screen and then click EDIT MULTIPLE DEVICES in the top navigation bar to change the settings for all selected devices.

Note that some settings such as Name/Room and IP address can only be set on individual devices.

To change a setting, first select the green + sign. Once a setting has been selected, a red x is shown to indicate the change. Multiple changes can be made and they only get applied after pressing the APPLY button. Only these changes will be made so all other settings on the selected devices will be left as they were before.

Changes can also be made to offline devices, that then get updated when the device comes online.