Yes, this new feature was added in version 2022.04.08 of the AirServer Connect firmware.

It is now possible to connect a USB camera to the AirServer Connect device to start a Camera Session. It allows you also to share the session with a web-conferencing application such as Microsoft Team, Google Workspace or Zoom.

How do I enable a camera on AirServer Connect?

Please note: it's only possible to enable the Camera session from the Home Screen using the touchscreen or a connected mouse. It's not possible to enable the Camera session from Device Management.
  • Connect the USB camera to the AirServer Connect device.
  • Open the Quick setting menu by clicking the cog icon from the Home Screen and selecting "Live".
  • Enable the toggle button for "Camera". This automatically starts your Camera Session.

How can I share the camera Session with a web-conferencing application?

Thanks to the AirServer Livestreaming feature it is possible to share your current mirroring sessions, including the Camera Session, via browser to any device connected to the same network as AirServer.

  • Enable the Livestreaming feature from the Quick setting on-screen menu or from Device Management

  • Open your browser from your PC and go to the Livestreaming URL, https://deviceipaddress/live
  • Open your web-conferencing application and share your Screen or the Livestreaming Window.