AirServer Connect 2 brings new background options for the on-screen user interface that can be selected from Device Management. This allows you to show your own content while the screen is not in active use for presentations.

Background options

  • Default - Rotates the default background images every 10 minutes.
  • Upload - Upload your own background image.
  • Website - Display a webpage or online image.

Homescreen Layout

When using a background image or displaying a webpage it is adviced to select a Homescreen Layout option that works with your content:

  • Full - The default homescreen layout. Moves the on-screen information randomly every 10 minutes. All Full layouts can be customized, affecting the size of the on-screen information panel.
  • Full Left - Fixes the on-screen information to the left.
  • Full Right - Fixes the on-screen information on the right.
  • Minimal - Only the name of the AirServer and the IP address for Device Management are shown in the bottom left corner.


Supports uploading a PNG or JPG image to be displayed in the background. Maximum file size is 5MB and it is recommended to use a good quality image in the same resolution as the screen (typically 3840 x 2160 or 1920 x 1080 pixels).


Supports internet or local URLs for both images and HTML webpages. Please type in the full URL including http:// or https://, for example

This feature can be used for digital signage as it supports many HTML based digital signage solutions. In general, all HTML based signage solutions will work as long as you can register a browser based player. See example URLs below.


Google Slides: Create a presentation and then select File - Publish to the web. In the Link tab, tick the boxes for "Start slideshow as soon as the player loads" and "Restart the slideshow after the last slide". Copy the URL and paste into AirServer Device Management.




Signage Rocket:


Contact us if your signage solution works with AirServer and you want to add it to the list of examples.