There can be issues with mirroring on more complex network infrastructure, most often due to the AirServer Connect unit being on a different VLAN with limited or no connection possibilities due to routing rules set by network administrators.

To check for basic connectivity between the device and AirServer Connect do the following:
  • Go into Settings > About on the AirServer Connect and note down the hostname which usually looks like airserver-XXXX (16 digits).
  • Ping this hostname from your device. If the client cannot resolve this hostname to the units IP address contact your network administrators. If the ping signal is received there may be some ports needed for mirroring that are blocked between VLANs.


  • Apple maintains a list of port openings for Apple Devices at:
  • Google Cast requires the following port openings: TCP: 80. 443. 8008, 8009
    UDP: 53, 123, 1900, 5353​
  • The way Miracast works is that after the initial handshake over port 7250, the receiver (AirServer unit) connects back to the client typically over TCP port 7236. If the client firewall or the network infrastructure prohibits this, you will experience similar issues.

Problems using AirPlay on a busy or complex network

  • Connectivity with AirServer Connect on iOS relies on the Bonjour protocol by Apple. Bonjour is not designed for complex networks with multiple subnets / VLANs. If you do not see the AirServer on the list of devices to mirror to, please download the AirServer Connect app on the Apple App Store. Then use the QR Code for AirServer Connect iOS app button on the home screen and scan the QR code using the iOS app. This will send information about the network settings on the AirServer Connect to your iOS device and facilitate a connection. Note that there must be a network route between the AirServer Connect and your device for this to function.